Hi Dr. John, thank you for your 10 week class on anger management. Since March 6th I have been actively practicing forgiveness and it's been an absolute revelation. Anger, resentments, grudges are like rocks that we pick up and put in our backpack as we trudge along the path of life. I'm a pretty strong guy and I can carry a lot in my backpack, but it's so much easier when the back pack is light. And besides that wouldn't I rather have room to pick wildflowers and fill my backpack with that instead? I really appreciate you and am so grateful for the research you've done. It's absolutely changed my whole world. Every single part of it. I wasn't sure anything could help me after my brain surgery triggered intense anger from my past. I was wrong.

In the first week you talk about how our bodies change due to cells dying and regrowing. I can actually feel myself healing. I gave a speech this week in my Toastmasters Club about my personal journey with forgiveness and gratitude. It went really well. Thank you so much. You've totally inspired me.

Matt B.
I had given up hope after my brain surgery led to massive anger...

Your book and course have changed my life! I learned that I did not have so much of anger issue, I had a positivity issue! I only saw the negative in my life, and I put that load on the ones I love most. The images of the buckets of positive and negative thoughts will always be in my mind. Thank you for your course and keep up the great work!

Justin A.

My fiancee and I recently broke up. Before that, I was angry all the time because she wasn’t doing anything right. It didn’t take much to set me off. However, due to your course, I’m not stressed nearly as much. I'm calm much of the time. I'm less angry. And since I started reading your book, I now have more patience. I’m also much happier! Thanks!

Chris P.

Let me take a moment to express my gratitude to you for your outstanding work. Your kindness has been helpful in many ways, but specifically in giving me a few new tools to use in my daily life. I took your online anger class… and learned fantastic anger management tricks as well as ways to a more mindful way of life when anger slips in. Your book, How Can I Be Happy, is even more helpful! Thank you! Be well.

Bill C.

The more I am moving ahead with your course the more I am astonished with the depth of your work. It is helpful for me both personally and professionally. Thank you.

Dr. Shaheen Islam

One of the best mentors for the game of life….I can’t give any higher praise of Dr. John Schinnerer. The stuff which he teaches can and will change your attitude and your life. Happiness as he states is generally too broad , and often misused but the tools he teaches to increase your satisfaction with life actually work.

James Richardson

Dr. John is, hands down, the best presenter we've had at our executive retreat. He blew us away.

John Adiletti, Sr.
VP CSE Insurance

Daniel Goleman has nothing on Dr. John. Dr. John will make you laugh, think, feel and reach your potential. What's more, Dr. John will make you believe in yourself. And that's as important as it gets.

Nelson Cooney
Bank of America

Your presentation was right on target for many of the men. We have continued to have very positive feedback from several of them who were challenged by what you presented, how you presented it and the obvious sincerity underlying some of the excellent points that you made.

Don Thomas
President, Club Donatello

Thank you for inviting me on your show. I do many radio interviews, and enjoyed your questions and perspectives. I'm glad to know that you're out on the air waves. The quotation that served as an example of one kind of anger is: 'As heat conserved becomes energy, our anger controlled becomes a power which can move the world.' Mohandas Gandhi

Dan Millman
author of Journeys of Socrates and The Way of the Peaceful Warrior.

You can keep your brain healthy by protecting it, by feeding it the right nutrients, and by listening to your show because it challenges conventional ways of thinking about the world. It forces listeners to go outside of their routine thinking.

Dr. Daniel Amen
author of 'Making a Good Brain Great' and 18 other books.

Dr. John, thank you for showing me that all the events that made me who I am today have made me a better person. All the tears, smiles, laughter, fights have always taken me to a healthier, happier and content place to be. I have learned along the way ...everything happens for a reason, and an excellent reason is just around the bend whether I can see it or not. I realize in writing this, my strength to take charge of my life has come when I am at very low points. I am now focusing on binding that strength with my determination to make my life better. My strong will and determination are a testament to my self-confidence. I believe. Isn’t it amazing how life works out to our advantage. We just need to believe.

Nadine K.

I look at your coaching as advanced training for the art of living. And with your guidance, I am now an expert who continues to learn daily! You have my eternal thanks.

Don S.

Dr. John, I would like to personally thank you for all that you have and are doing to help my brother and his family. May God bless you and your family.

Betsy C.

Your services are vitally needed in today's world. Keep up the outstanding work!

Steve M.

I listened to your radio show yesterday, July 11th about the perfect job. The show got me thinking. For a long time, I have been in a job which gives me no satisfaction and no challenges. I am going to sit down and write down my idea of the perfect job for me. Then I'm going to find it. Thank you for the inspiration!

Barbara W.

When you are on air, I sit in my car and listen until the show ends, even if I've reached my destination. I love to use information from your radio show in my weekly sermons. Thank you for the life-changing information which you share daily.

Pastor Ernest W.

Dr. John, Thank you for all of your efforts towards shaping happy and healthy minds, bodies and, most importantly, hearts.

Diana R.

Thank you for sharing your gifts with such clarity and compassion. You have helped start me on a new course in my life - one of passion and purpose! My anger is now well within my control.

Monica P.

The other day we were so happy in the thoughts. It is really real! It is our hangar! It is done! Wow! We did it! We actually built our hangar just like we did with our airplane. Sometimes I just can’t believe we did all this. Now that we've left San Jose, I have more time for reflection, a time to rediscover myself. Life had gotten so busy in San Jose for me, part of me had gotten lost. You know, that fun excitement for life part. In the hustle bustle of life, I forgot to make time to play. Life got too serious for me. I wasn’t enjoying my life. I got lost.

Now, my husband and I are both genuinely happy. The other night we were walking our Labrador. Shawn noticed our shadows on the ground. We turned around and saw the most incredible moon scattered with light clouds over and around as it peeked over the hill. We just watched in awe. We thought it would be great to watch the moon in our chairs with some wine. I grabbed my husband's hand and we ran back to the house. We were laughing all the way. It was really special. Funny the things you start to notice when there isn’t so much going on around you as in the city. Thanks for everything you have done.

Nadine K.

I was stuck in a job I hated when I first started my coaching with Dr. John. Now I'm in a position that I am passionate about! I love getting up in the morning. I love going to work. Thank you so much. My life has been transformed.

Jody C.

Guide To Self helped me to turn my B- brain into an A+ brain.

Brett D.

Dr. John helped me to rebuild my life quickly after I lost everything in Hurricane Katrina. God bless Dr. John.

Bernard J.

Dr. John, you helped me to achieve my dream of starting my own business. I cannot express my gratitude in words.

Ron G.

Thank you so much for the tapes! I work during the time you are on the air and it's hard for me to catch the show! Your show is fabulous...I love it! God bless you in this terrific venture!!!

Carol L.

I just started listening to the Guide To Self radio show (on KDIA) a couple of weeks ago. I started during the series on emotional vampires. The series was awesome! I was able to identify myself in a few of the vampire types described and identify others close to me. I took notes while sitting in traffic and have been able to apply them to my life immediately and even shared it with my mom and sister. I am so grateful that I have access to your broadcast. It helps me let go of the work day and get ready to take care of my husband and two young boys at home!

Stacie B.

I am so grateful that you are in my life as a counsel to me. I also want you to know how much I appreciate your willingness to be a bold man so as to reach out to my husband. For the first time last evening, my husband honestly shared with me his concern about his ability to think well. We discussed the possibility that it is depression. Whatever you are doing, keep it up because it seems that you are reaching him. Even our pastors couldn't seem to do that. You are a blessing.

Katie M.

Thank you for such a wonderful experience. I truly enjoyed working with you. You helped me to learn about myself and strengths as well as reinforce the beliefs that were inside me all along. My mother and husband have seen a tremendous change in me - a good change. I can feel it myself as well. It feels good to simply be who I am. Although it is always a work in progress, it is much more enjoyable when you realize there is a big picture that we cannot see when we are in the throes of the turmoil of our day-to-day life. It is truly amazing when you get to your goals and look back and think 'Who would have thought it would bring me here?!' Thank you for your help, care and concern for me. Thank you for showing me -- ME!

Nicole S.

"Without your teachings I would never have become the man to whom my fiance would say 'yes'. You have played a huge role in my healing, and I still use techniques that we worked on all the time to stay balanced. I still lose my balance regularly, but it is so much easier to get back up. It is indeed possible for those who battle with mental health to discover which tools they need to carry in their tool belt. And it is important that they find people that can train them how to successfully use the tools, in the same way that apprentices learn from the masters of their trade. Thank you for taking the time to help me during my apprenticeship. I pay it forward regularly with you in mind."

Steve R.
Ultimate Anger Managment Course Graduate

"Hi Dr John!
Of the many gifts for which I am grateful is the opportunity I've had to learn with and from you. Not only are the lessons helping me cope with my anger but I'm passing on the lessons to the men in my province with good results! Thanks for your commitment to service. "

Franciscan Friar

"Last year at this time, my relationship was not going so well. I had to make a change in myself that I had been avoiding. I had recently divorced and was in a new relationship but old issues and behaviors kept coming up. I was still angry and bitter despite being in a different relationship. I took your anger management class because I had an issue that I needed to figure out how to handle. I learned so much from the class about myself, how to communicate my needs better, and how to be mindful. Thank you for your outstanding class and helping me to become the person I always wanted to become. My relationship is in a much better place now. Thank you from a very pleased student."

Susan S.
Ultimate Anger Management Course Graduate

I was not court ordered to take your anger management class; it was life ordered, meaning I needed to change MY life in order to stop hurting the ones around me and start understanding myself better. It isn’t easy for most men to admit they need help, that was one of my biggest problems, I thought I could do anything if I just put my mind to it. Turns out, I needed the help more than I knew. I can honestly say I have gotten that help, thanks to you, Dr. John. I did the homework and one of the big ones for me is the forgiveness to others and myself. That I think has been the most interesting. Also, I used to really believe that the tiniest thing would set me off. The fact is, its many things that build up over time and then it’s “the straw the broke the camel's back”. I highly recommend this course to anyone that has the slightest problem with anger.

Jason L.
Satisfied client

If you commit to the exercises in this course, I know you will be emotionally healed. It takes time and commitment, but it's worth it.

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