Dr. John Schinnerer

Behavioral health coach specializing in anger management and positive psychology

Hi. I’m Dr. John Schinnerer, founder and CEO of Guide To Self, a company focused on teaching proven tools to achieve your professional and personal potential. I do behavioral health coaching – this helps you create habits of success by identifying where you are stuck, listening to your inner wisdom, discovering your deepest values and transforming your goals into action. My work draws on the principles of positive psychology, cognitive-behavioral therapy and the latest in goal setting research. Everything I teach is based on science.

In coaching, I focus more on your present than your past. I put more emphasis on your fulfilling future than past disappointments. In fact, therapists in my office suite used to give me a hard time, “How come your clients don’t leave your office looking guilty and gnashing their teeth? Why are they smiling and laughing?” That’s because my goal is for my clients to leave feeling better than when they arrive. And frequently, that is exactly what happens.

By focusing on solution-oriented tools and highlighting your natural strengths, I help you to maximize your personal and professional potential in areas such as:

  • managing anger
  • alleviating anxiety
  • managing stress
  • effective communication
  • and dealing with life transitions such as divorce


In my 20 year career in psychology, I have been fortunate to write an award-winning book entitled, How Can I Be Happier? I served as a consultant to Pixar’s Academy-award winning movie, Inside Out. I am a fellow of the National Anger Management Association. And I hosted a daily prime time radio show several years ago. On top of this, I have helped thousands of clients in person and on the web to significantly reduce anger, anxiety and stress while increasing their satisfaction with and engagement in life.

The foundation of effective coaching is the relationship I establish with my clients. Research has shown that the technique the therapist or coach uses is not as important as the relationship you build together. As the work progresses and trust is created, you will use the alliance between us as a workspace, to resolve problems in your life.

As a client, regardless of the areas that you would like to address, please know that you will be understood, validated, and respected.

Clients come to me because they want positive, sustainable change. Give me a call at 925-575-0258 to see how we can transform your goals into action.

Be well,

Dr. John Schinnerer


Do you want less anger, irritation and annoyance in your life?