Dr. John Schinnerer

Dr. John Schinnerer

Behavioral health coach specializing in anger management and positive psychology.

Sometimes people want more out of life — more peace of mind, more joy, more purpose — and sometimes they want less — less financial worry, less stress, less conflict.

Dr John is an award-winning author, speaker, consultant and expert coach in the fields of Positive Psychology and Anger Management.

Dr. John has been nationally recognized as one of the premiere experts in his fields. He has appeared on a variety of national media outlets providing an expert view on managing anger and providing insights to a happier life.  Dr. John’s work can be found in both print publications, radio, CD, DVD and TV. He served as one of the expert consultants along with Dr. Paul Ekman and Dr. Dacher Keltner on the Academy-award winning Pixar Film, Inside Out

Dr. John Schinnerer, is a UC Berkeley-trained Ph.D intently focused in  the field of happiness and anger management. He has uncovered the key to a happier life. By combining the areas of anger management and positive psychology,  he created a unique and intuitive marriage of two fields that were historically not related.  The revolutionary formula…

Anger Management + Positive Psychology = Happiness

Dr. John has given a Psychiatric Grand Rounds presentation for Kaiser Permanente on positive psychology. He has taught numerous psychologists, doctors and mental health professionals about the benefits of positive psychology. He has consulted with major companies such as Sutter Health, Kaiser, UPS regarding the need for and implementation of emotional intelligence. His book, Guide to Self: The Beginner’s Guide to Managing Emotion and Thought was awarded Best Self-Help Book of the Year. Dr. John was recently included on a music album by Positive Music Imperative, speaking on the importance of positivity in music lyrics. 

Dr. John’s blog on positive psychology, Shrunken Mind, was named one of the top 10 positive psychology blogs on the internet by PostRank and Alltop. 

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His company site is at Guide To Self, Inc.

Dr. John has been featured in national publications such as US News and World Report, Readers Digest and SELF Magazine. 

Dr. John on air doing Guide to Self radio

Dr. John on air doing Guide to Self radio

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