Thank you for improving my life!

Dear Dr. Schinnerer:

I’m reading Positivity by Barbara Fredrickson …still working my action steps , and getting along better with my girlfriend. She just bought a nice home on the golf course about 3 hours from here so I’m having some anxiety about the impending move and finding work in a new place , but I’m managing it. Situationally , my buttons can still get pushed but my anger is not as intense , and it doesn’t last.

Thank you for improving my life, Dr. Schinnerer!


H. S.

When coaches attack: Sports coaches who care about others’ opinions more likely to explode in anger

  Dr. John Schinnerer I was recently approached by a major TV network to do a reality show involving coaches with severe anger problems. While this seems to be good for ratings, it does not bode well for the well-being of the coaches involved in the two week project. First, little change in long-term emotional […]

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Kanye West to Serve 24 Months Probation, 24 Anger Management Classes

LOS ANGELES March 17, 2014 While maintaining his innocence, Kanye West pleaded no contest Monday to misdemeanor battery against a photographer at Los Angeles International Airport. West was sentenced to 24 months of probation, 24 anger management classes and 250 hours of community service. Kanye had originally been charged with misdemeanor counts of battery and […]

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Anger exercise worth 100 times the cost of the course

Hi All! I just got a great comment from James who is in my revolutionary 10 week anger management course. I thought you might enjoy reading it…   Dear Dr. John The exercise at the end of this lesson is worth 100 x what the course costs. This is a long lesson and it’s packed densely […]

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Expressing anger on online rant-sites make you feel worse

  March 12, 2013  Little is known about the value and emotional consequences of expressing anger on the Internet. Rant-sites provide an outlet for anonymous, angry outbursts.  How people feel after reading and writing rants and the effects of this behavior is explored in an article in Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking. One study assessed […]

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When angry…talk: Labeling emotional state improves heart rate, cardiac output

February 18, 2014     The act of describing a feeling such as anger may have a significant impact on the body’s physiological response to the situation that elicits the emotion, according to research published June 5 in the open access journal PLOS ONE by Karim Kassam from Carnegie Mellon University and Wendy Mendes from […]

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Anger outbursts linked to higher chance of heart attack and stroke

March 3, 2014 Source: European Society of Cardiology (ESC) “It is important to recognize that outbursts of anger are associated with higher risk of heart attacks, stroke and arrhythmia. If clinicians ask patients about their usual levels of anger and find that it is relatively high, they may want to consider suggesting either psychosocial or […]

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Top 5 Parenting Programs for Difficult Teens and Children

5 effective parenting programs to reduce problem behaviors in children Doree Armstrong From University of Washington   All parents want what’s best for their children. But not every parent knows how to provide their child with the tools to be successful, or how to help them avoid the biggest adolescent behavior problems: substance use, delinquency, […]

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Music Restores Memory in Injured Brains – New Study

Psychology of Music and Healing Effects of the Human Brain I was recently included on an album of positive music ( I was speaking on the importance of positive music, lyrics in particular, as a critical means to offset the natural negativity bias of the human mind. The negative is more powerful than the positive […]

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The Best Single Skill to Improve Your Relationships

Celebrate the Good News of Others to Make Your Relationships Soar Dr. John Schinnerer How do you maximize a marriage?  Want to amplify your love life? Want to know the secret to a transcendent sex life? How do you turn up the intensity and frequency of positive feelings with your friends and family? New studies […]

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